BT.CX instructions


Keep in mind that 10 days does not work with BTCX minimum amount is 19 EURO (only card payment works)
Go to (Google BTCX to get there).

 (Minimum purchase is approx. 20EURO)
In the buy express box
1. you fill in the amount in EURO you have on your order.
2. Fills in your social security number
3. Choose your bank
4. Press continue
5. Scan the QR code and log in securely via mobile bank ID
6. Identify yourself in the BankID app.
7. Let it finish loading
8. Fill in your details
Social security number
Phone number
Check the NO box if you are a high-ranking person.
Press next.
9-15 Fill in your information, press next.
OBS on no. 12, select " for speculation"
16. Fill in the Bitcoin address you got from our website and check the "Priority order" box.
17. Accept BTCX's terms and conditions
18. press pay by credit card
19. Fill in your short details.
20. press Pay

When you have paid, please take a Print Screen of the payment and save the transaction ID (TXID) in case something happens to your order so we can locate your payment.
It takes up to 120 minutes for the payment to reach us that way.